goCcal is a band from Los Angeles, California. Formed by late 2012, the band consists of 6 members.
When the band first formed the idea was just to get together and play some old ska and reggae covers but
soon came the original songs. Soon after a few jam nights the guys realized the potential of the group.
They decided to do some gigs and the response was exrtemely positive. Next they thought that it would
be a great idea to put a CD of the original songs together to get more gigs and grow a following. With a
batch of CD's out to SoCal colleges, the CD was quickly added to some public radio stations and air
play is happening.

goCcal is Johnny Love (Vocals, Sax), Corey Naughton (Vocals, Guitar), James Hopkins (Bass), Chris
Taylor (Vocals, Drums), Mavis Senescu (Keys), and Danny Rivera (Percussion). The guys have all known
eachother for many years, growing up together, playing in other groups together and working together.
All of the members of goCcal have had many years of experience playing in bands locally and touring.
The wide variety of influences in the band has led to a diverse an unique sound of reggae, ska, rock, rap,
funk, soul, blues and country.

The original plan for the group was to get together and jam some old school ska and reggae tunes.
When the chemistry of the band was felt it began to grow. Most of the guys in goCcal write as well
so it was only natural when original songs began to come around. Now the band focuses their energy
on the original material mostly. goCcal has played a small number of gigs to date. So far the band has
played only local clubs in Los Angeles.

Once the original songs started stacking up the band decided to record them. This collection of
songs is called "Live Studio Cuts" and consists of 10 songs. The songs range from slower tempo
as in "What You See" to up tempo tunes like "Hola" which infuses ska music and rap vocals for an
infectious blend.

When the CD was complete it was sent to college and public radio stations. Soon after the adds started
to pop up. Then the plays started to come from stations like KKUP 91.5 in Cuppertino and KUCI 88.9 in
Irvine. Now the campaign begins to get the request lines buzzing with requests for goCcal music.
Shortly followed by Gigs in the markets that are showing support.

The future is bright for goCcal. Be sure and check out the band when they come to your town.

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