Live Studio Cuts

by Go C Cal

Released 2014
Portal Records
Released 2014
Portal Records
Reggae, Ska, Rock, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop...Music made from pure love and inspiration
goCcal is a band with a unique sound based in reggae and ska with elements of rock, soul, hip-hop, jazz, funk and country. We are is based in Los Angeles and formed in 2012. goCcal has an organic sound and feel. This recording is a live in the studio representation of our music, no click track or samples were used. There were also no overdubs...just a few fixes. goCcal wanted to make a CD of our music which would truly represent how we sound live. We recorded this live to our Roland 2480 and sang live on our regular SM58's in our rehearsal studio. We want to get our songs out so people can get to know the band and be inspired to come see us play. We hope you enjoy this CD as much as we enjoyed making it.

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